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Timeless Sunglasses – Finding the Ideal Material and Crafting the Best

Producing a stylish, quality pair of glasses begins with a design and a lot of research. While the design is important, it is only the beginning aspect of a great pair of sunglasses. Consider the kinds of glasses you see in animation and movies. Those that look cool can be utterly impractical. Even if they can work for some purposes, when they’re made with the wrong materials and production processes, they may not be a quality product.

It is entirely easy to get caught up in the creative process, and that is where most people focus their attention. The best sunglasses make sure that you never consider all of the details in the production process.

With Ray Dashér, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the product because our timeless sunglasses are made to be comfortable and durable without compromising style. It will be incredibly easy for you to forget that you are even wearing them.

Once we know what the best material is for a particular produce, we send it to the real experts – our handmade production team in Athens, Greece. These are people who have a long and illustrious history of making high quality products that look amazing. Greece makes some of the best sunglasses in the world because of how many decades they’ve had in mastering the production process. Following European standards, they craft sunglasses that look even better than the design with a quality that is nearly unsurpassed anywhere else in the world.

What really makes them such a fantastic team is that the Greek production team does the majority of the work by hand. This means that each pair of sunglasses goes through a very different kind of quality control process than glasses made nearly anyone else in the world.

After crafting a pair of glasses, the production team runs them through vigorous testing procedures to ensure that they meet strict standards. Only after they are satisfied with the product does it get shipped back for sale.

See just what exceptional craftsmanship is like with our timeless & stylish masterpieces.

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