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Ray . Dashérs Story

Ray . Dashérs origins are firmly planted in Californian culture. It has not only informed Ray Dashér’s company culture, it is easily seen in our style. All of our products start from the best possible material to meet the stylish designs, then are shipped off to Greece and Italy to be brought into glorious reality.

Does this sound a little confident? Of course, but that’s because we take a lot of care in the design and production for all of our products.
But that’s not really the best way to tell you about us. You can reach the same – or a similar – conclusion by trying out our products!

The reason we are so confident is because of our core values. There’s a reason why our slogan is “Where innovation meets fashion.” Both industries work to make the other better.

We do realize that we aren’t in this alone, and that also helps shape how we approach nearly every aspect of our business. We want to contribute to the greater good of humanity, from the way we treat our employees to how we produce our goods. Everything about our business affects the world around us, and we want that effect to net positive.

We value innovation, style, positivity, and responsibility. We want our products to reflect this so that our styles remain timeless. Once you purchase something from Ray. Dashér, you won’t need to buy another – well you can, but it’s because of how much you love it, not need it!

One of our core tenants is that we don’t compromise on either our innovation or quality. If you are an individual, a start-up, or even an established company that has an innovative idea that will shake up the market, you can put your trust in our team of professional engineers,  graphic designers, and business developers to bring your idea into life!

Ray . Dashér has developed a process that guides our in-house team of engineers, designers, and business professionals to work alongside our amazing network of established manufacturers all over the world to produce innovative and unique products. Depending on the current products and projects, we are able to assign to the best possible manufacturer within our network. That way we know we are offering our customers the best available materials and resources in the market.

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