Ray Dasher - "Where Innovation Meets Fashion"

Our Process

Ray dasher has a very specific and delicate process when it comes to innovating and manufacturing timeless goods. All of our products are born (designed) by the beaches of sunny side California. Following this, we have our in-house team of engineers and business developers who work alongside our amazing network of established manufacturers across the world to produce our unique goods. Depending on the current product or project we are working on, we are able to assign it to the best possible manufacturer within our network. That way we know we are offering our customers the best available materials and resources in the market.

     At Ray dasher, we value innovation and style. Through this, all of our products and designs strive to provide the best customer experience along with timeless fashion. We simply do not compromise innovation and quality at Ray Dasher.

INNOVATION & FASHION are (2) very strong words, and we get that at Ray Dasher. If you are an individual, a start-up, or even an established company that has an innovative idea that can stun the market, reach out to us. You can trust our team of professional engineers, graphic designers, and business developers to help you bring your idea to life!

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