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Shenandoah University Esports, Ray Dasher Collaborate On New Partnership

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SU To Use Partnership To Help Create A Healthier Space In Collegiate Esports JANUARY 26, 2023 Original Article:  https://www.su.edu/blogs   Shenandoah University’s esports program is proud to announce its newest partnership with fashion innovator and health advocate Ray Dasher. The new partnership highlights Shenandoah’s commitment to the health and well-being of those in the college … continue reading

NECC Announces Partnership With Eyewear Company, Ray Dasher

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NECC Announces Partnership With Eyewear Company, Ray Dasher Original Article:  https://www.necccesports.com   LOS ANGELES, CA – Ray Dasher will be partnering up with the NECC and is thrilled to be involved in the league during the 2022-23 academic year. The NECC is the go-to league for Collegiate Esports programs as it continuously supports its players and … continue reading

SAU Esports Announce Partnership with Ray Dasher

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SAU Esports announces partnership with Ray Dasher By Chase Neukam Original Article:  https://www.saubees.com/esports Ray Dasher Davenport, IA - St. Ambrose Esports (SAU Esports) is proud to announce our partnership with Ray Dasher, an eyewear company out of southern California, for the fall 2022 to spring 2023 season. While the creative innovation happens in California, Ray ... continue reading

Virtual Try On – The Next Way to Find Your Eyewear

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The things that will be a lot more accurate are sunglasses and makeup. These are easily applied over a virtual medium. This is incredibly important since putting these on your face requires you to have your hands near your face. Even more concerning, you have to put things that other people have touched near your ... continue reading

Prevent Identity Theft With Smart Wallets

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Meet Our Stylish Security RFID Wallets Our radio frequency identification (RFID) wallets are one of the products that gives us a lot of pride. They look amazing and hold all of your cash, cards, and ID without you needing anything else. So far, it sounds like the average wallet – but the real beauty is ... continue reading

Timeless Sunglasses – Finding the Ideal Material and Crafting the Best

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Timeless Sunglasses - Finding the Ideal Material and Crafting the Best Producing a stylish, quality pair of glasses begins with a design and a lot of research. While the design is important, it is only the beginning aspect of a great pair of sunglasses. Consider the kinds of glasses you see in animation and movies. ... continue reading

The Artistry of a Stylish Pair of Sunglasses

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The Artistry of a Stylish Pair of Sunglasses Based in sunny California, we know that sunglasses are instrumental for protecting our customers’ eyes. With nearly daily exposure to the warmth and brightness of the sun, we are well aware of just how fantastic and useful sunglasses can be. They are pretty much a staple here ... continue reading

Ray. Dashérs Story

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Ray . Dashérs Story Ray . Dashérs origins are firmly planted in Californian culture. It has not only informed Ray Dashér’s company culture, it is easily seen in our style. All of our products start from the best possible material to meet the stylish designs, then are shipped off to Greece and Italy to be ... continue reading
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